Pro Gaming (Capstone Project)

The Capstone project taught me the importance and history of competing in eSports. I honestly feel connected to the topic I researched becuase I was in Fighting Game Tournament last year and it was extravagant experience. Being in the tournament game me the opportunity to being a professional environment. I presented my information in  a assertive, vigiorous, clear radio-voice (lol). I believe my research I presented was  current and frequent. I faced the audience with a strong posture and loud voice. Although i did not include a reflection on my capstone; I still provived my audience 2 minute reflection . If I were to do this project deifferently: I would have eloborated more.

Advice for freshmen students appraoching Highschool

Most of you guys/girls probaly overwhelmed at the thought of even entering High school doors , so im here to give you quick and effecient tips.

1# Take everything and anything a teacher says “seriously”

2# If you have alot of friends now try to cut a few down to specific group, youll know the real ones

3# always keep money or pocket change on oyu at all times regardless of where you are located

4# show no mercy for the weak

5# Please do homework or atleast try because homework assignments kill your grade over time.

6# try not to spazz out on every teacher

7# be weary of specific people filled with drama

8# Keep on ID at all times or dont……. I dont

9# Be polite to everyone

10# Dont Blast music too loud

11# ask hall moniters for directions to specific places in the building for future references.

12# Keep a pack of gum on you at all times

13#  Keep an eye on crowded hall ways

14# Always to try to keep high A’s, so if u mess up on something important; your grade could take a heavy hit.

15# Dress the best of your ability and also buy a expensive belt (Gucci, Lious Vuitton, etc)



Pharmaceutical Drugs

Pro:DTC prescription drug ads inform patients about diseases/medical conditions and possible treatments. In a 2007 survey in  Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research displayed that 44% of patients said doctor to patient drug ads made them have a better understanding of medical ailments and symptoms. Moreover, doctor to patient drug ads gave those patients information about treatments and recovery. A survey in April 2013 of the The Food and Drug Administration revealed that 48% of doctors strongly support the idea od doctor to patient ads and believe it increases morale amongst the United States. Nevertheless, doctors feel as if the ads strengthens, educates, and increases  the awareness of pharmaceutical drugs.

Con: Health care professionals may feel pressured by DTC prescription drug ads to prescribe drugs that may not be in the best interest of the patient. A survey that contained 94% of oncology nurse practitioners on article(Journal of Clinical Oncology) portayed a patient request in advertised drug. 74% of nurses revealed that they had their own patient request a improper drug and stunning 43% of nurses felt pressured or overpowered in convincing patients to buy these pharmaceutical drugs. Kurt C. Stange, PhD, also described consumer advertisement as overwhelming instead subtle and supportive to a patient.

I honestly feel like its wrong for nurses to suggest harmful DTC drugs to suffering patients and it doesnt help the fact that those long term effects have a huge impact on one’s overall health.

Would you suggest a improper/innapropiate drug if were a nurse?

How would feel if a patient overdosed on a drug that you suggested they request?

Black History month (Martin Luther King Jr.)

The Intellectual in the middle in the video explaining MLK’s upbring is a Youtuber by the name of Kid President. Kid President is explaining the early life of Martin Luther King Jr. I also liked how kid notes that everybody wasn’t treated fairly. Martin Luther was one of the civil rights leader who paved the way for african americans facing discrimination for the color of their skin. Martin Luther King’s perserverance and optimistic perspective on freedom was perfect for his dream of equality. Although Martin was not liked by majority of whites, he had an immense amount determination. Kid also shares his idea on people dreaming about equality worldwide; I thought this was intriguing.

Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington Photo

Duke Ellington was born April 29, 1899. Raised  by his very own talented parents, Duke began to learn to learn piano. By age 15, Duke Ellington wrote his first composition called ” Soda Fountain Rag” in inspiration of his job as a Soda jerk. Duke was greatly rewarded a stunning scholarship to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, yet wanted to continue his job as a soda jerk and played professionally at age seventeen.  The nineteen year old Duke and his girlfriend Edna Thompson became married and conceived one child. Duke rose to fame to fame when composed his masterpieces “cotton tail” “Ko-Ko”. Also, songs like “It Don’t Mean a Thing if It Ain’t Got That Swing,” “Sophisticated Lady,” “Prelude to a Kiss,” and “Solitude”. Ellington most favorite jazz song was “Take the A Train” referring to a sub way in New York City, where duke composed his original masterpiece.It was Ellington’s sense of musical drama that made him stand out in a crowd. His blend of melodies, rhythms and subtle sonic movements gave his listeners a fresh new experience. Ellington’s autobiography, called “Music is my Mistress”, was published in 1973. Ellington earned 12 Grammy awards from 1959 to 2000. In 1959 Duke was awarded the Springarn Medal from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

Social Issue Research Topic

the social issue im resaerching is police bruality. This issue caused alot of animosity between policeman and citizens. Majority of people view police using excessive force is necessary and justifiable. This Majority usually contain Public figures, politicians, police departments, jurors, judges, and fellow police memebers. I think the best soultion for police brutality is body-moutned cameras on cops and dashboard cameras for squad cars. I also think community policing is excellent way of diminishing police misconduct. I personally think Community policing is a very effective way of getting rid of police brutality. a pro of community policing brings the citizens and police together in a friendly manner. Certain programs have already been distributed out through america today. However, a selective few of people may feel uneasy and restless having their property watched consistently. Moreover, this can also bring that selective few of people away from police cooperation. These Cons can be a struggle for cops trying to monitor the area for corrupted area.

How would you feel police kept your community under persistent surveillance? Would you rebel against the community or try to cooperate with the police? Would you try anything illegal with cops being at your door step? Would you try to become an police officer?

Superbowl Commercials

This commercial  persuades the people to be the very best ‘ version of themselves. Keanu is potrayed as cunning, confident, and determined. you can also hear Keanu saying to himself to “make it happen”. This can be looked upon as the commercial telling the audience to chase their dreams of being in the market. this commercial also persuades you to go to their website to by saying “see what Keanu made”.

This commercial is persuading and entertaining the audience. The commercial first starts off with suprising homeowner with suprise party and kangaroo. The commercial of wine company also entertains the watchers by potraying  fun encounters with kangaroo. 

This Commercial entertains,informs, and persuades the reader to buy their product. At first we see man with flames busrting from every part of the room everytime he takes a bite of an chip. also morgan frreman is also seen freezing the corresponding side of dorito bag. This Contrast between the two products shows that it applies elemental abilities to the consumer. the narrator informs the consumer of a new flavor of doritos.

Play-Doh Creation

                                            I have successfully sculpted an skull-like structure for my creation. This skull is meant to represent the living and the dead. I believe why you’re still alive you should live your life to the fullest. I also articulate that you should live everyday like its your last. A person should always dream and continue their goals to a specific degree. Death is imminent at any time. Life is to short to worry or trouble yourself over the “liitle things” that might upset you. It is important to always have a sense of calmness, tranquility, and perserverance. I feel as if you can accept defeat; you can learn how to win. A  key way to survive is learn from your mistakes. The skull also represents time management. Always provide yourself with awareness of time. Time is something living the recognizes as a non-renewable resource. I can also compare the skull to me writing my fifteen-hundred word  narrative. Nobody likes writting or typing a  huge essay; and sometimes people get ‘writers block’. i can aslo state that being behing on a certain part of an narrative could be the “death” of your overall grade in the class. The skull also acts a sign to remind me of whats to come if i dont finish my narrative. I like to brainstorm in a chronological order for clear organization when typing my annotations. Utilizing this clay to represent your writing process is a remarkable idea. These creations help us as students see other peoples perspective on writing.

What is Your perspective on Abortion?

I picked the website  to determine my perspectives on abortion. Abortion is is the termination of human pregnancy. I think abortion should be allowed. Nevertheless, this is a women’s body. The State of  Illinois is 64% pro-choice and 36% pro-life. The City of Chicago,IL are 72% pro-choice and the 28% pro-life. 5% of the 28% believe that abortion is option if Rape,incest, or danger to the mother occurs. Replubicans view abortion as 68% pro-life and 32% pro-choice. Pro-choice selection also provide sex education and social services to decrease the number of abortions. The Democrats engage in going 88% pro-choice and 12% pro-life. A selective few of the world dont believe in the termination of an embryo, but they dont rights taken away. People also may go pro-choice for three months and then pro-choice. The votes for Veterans are close at 56% pro-choice and 44%. Most african americans voters are pro-choice by 62% and 38% pro-life. The study of American Indians see have higher votes  for Pro-choice. Asian Voters have vigorous liking to the Pro-choice side. Voters who make $50K-$75K a year are majority pro-choice. U.S citizens who make over $200k income  are 70% pro-choice and 30% pro-life. People who make less than $25k income  in a  year have   lower pro-life votes than people who make $50k-$75k a year.

Pets And People Are Joyously Reuniting After California Wildfires

  • Some Northern Californians who feared the worst for their pets in the wake of this month’s deadly wildfires are getting some welcome good news in recent days; Their animals survived.
  • Animal shelters and veterinary offices have been posting photos and videos of numerous heartwarming reunions between pet owners and the animals they feared were lost forever.